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F-Zero - Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon

F-Zero was one of the first racing games I’ve ever played. For its time, no other game simulated a better feeling of acceleration and speed. As a child, I spent countless hours trying to beat the Grand Prix mode on expert. I recently replayed it on the SNES mini and fell in love with it again.

While I like LEGO playful take on video game themes, I always thought it could be handled differently. I think the NES set was a step in the right direction to aim for a more adult target group. Personally, I would love to see a whole series of gaming-themed sets.

This is a pure display set. Of course, the Blue Falcon can easily be detached from the racetrack and swooshed around, but that isn’t the main intention. With this set, I want to fill the gap between the affordable play sets and the more expensive UCS sets. To achieve that I tried to design the Blue Falcon as clean and tiled up as possible while not exceeding a certain piece count.

Simply put, I wanted to create a set that is beautiful but affordable.

The whole set consists of 717 parts including the racetrack it stands on.

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