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Starship repair yard


It has never been easy to find parts for starships. More often than not, you have to go to the dingiest corners of a spaceport to get repairs done. You hate the weird and scary looking folk down there and the floor looks like it has... you don't even want to know what on it. But it's the only way to get the job done for a bargain so you can continue your trading operations.

About the model:

All this while, I had been building colourful and snazzy starfighters, so I really wanted to try a different take on them. I wanted to attempt something gritty, more realistic but still interesting to look at. 


  • The detailed 2:1 base is actually made up of two separate square base pieces, so you can rearrange the repair yard to your liking
  • The starship can be split into two halves so you can really get into those repairs!
  • Starship also features simple retracting landing gear
  • One extra engine for repair work
  • 350 bricks

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