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Hero Factory: Villain 1.0

Say hello to Villain Factory's first official design. Created by a mysterious enemy, their whole purpose is to attack known locations of the enemy. They are built to match the skill of the average hero, making them a tough opponent, especially when in large groups or armies.

These villains come with an energy bow, and the ability to rob the energy from any fuel cell. When absorbed, they store the energy in their own container that hangs on their back. The container can carry an unknown amount of energy, so they could, theoretically, store the energy of a sun in their container. When they need to, they use the energy to charge their gears, increasing their strength. So, if they do absorb the power of a star, one can very well destroy a planet with one hit. However, their armor cannot withstand the heat, so they can't get enough energy unless they save their energy for generations, which most likely won't happen because they use the energy to have the upper hand against Hero Factory. Also, because they aren't that well built, if they over use their energy, they will fall apart from their own force.

With the skill of a hero, as well as an energy bow, and an unknown amount of energy, these guys make a tough opponent for all heroes.

More villains coming soon.

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