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The Modular Old Garage



The garage is an indiscernible element of the life of the city.

This "art deco" style building is a garage for motorcycles, with a small fuel station.


The originality of my set is that it is double face, which allows to associate it with the other set in several configutrations.

So there is no main face.


The 1890-piece set consists of a main block with two storey blocks, a desk top and three roof blocks.


On the ground floor are the workshops and the central access open on both sides by portals

A repair lift is in the first part, a workshop with tools and access to the floor in the second part.

Two retro fuel pumps are placed on this side.

On the first floor are reserves and the office.


The characters offer great playability, there is the boss and his secretary,

two mechanics and their young apprentice and finally two bikers with their motorcycle.


Hoping that you will like this new set.

Do not hesitate to vote and ask me for the changes that will help to get the 10000 votes.

And don't forget to look at my other sets "modular"

thancks and enjoy :)

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