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Hacksmith Shed

Hacksmith is the blacksmith of the future!

In his shed he's continuously tinkering, inventing and hacking into MAINFRAMES. The shed comes with amenities such as:

  • two workbenches
  • a microscope
  • computer with performance measured in WAZZAFLOPS
  • friendly robot arm
  • bed
  • small kitchen
  • if you are wondering where the toilet and shower are - LASERS!

On the roof there is a compartment containing a micro remote controlled drone which is really good for scaring away the seagulls. Pssst. Spinning the dome will spin the robot arm!

Not to tire out his bionic legs, Hm (that's the Hacksmith) will jump into his trusty hypercar, ChzzSlp, and roam around the future, finding new ideas to materialize and places to hack into.

In the future, cars go BRRRRR, still, what did you think they went?

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