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Legolas Display Stand


Legolas Display Stand

This is a small stand for portraying the Lord of the Rings figure Legolas for decoration. It is a simple small forest canopy that he can stand in the entrance of, or further in. Since he is an elf, this is the perfect place to display him. You could even pretend it is Fangorn. I will also be submitting one of these for Gimli (not a forest of course) sometime in the next week so check my profile for that if it has been a few days since this has been submitted. Overall it only took about an hour to build and only contains somewhere around 175 pieces.

Favorite Parts/Challenges

My favorite part of this build is some of the pieces I used, that are not usually thought of as forest bricks. For example, the tall tree in the back is made of two green tire hubs. Another example is that some of the bushes are Minecraft creeper heads. The hardest part of this model was probably the lack of brown and green forest pieces I had. You can see that some of the trees have been taken from some of my other builds, such as the Wildlife Lodge, which you can check out on my profile. 

Other Notes

  • Be sure to check my profile in the next few days to see a cave display case for Gimli!
  • All bricks are available in the colors used in this model.

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