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The Z-17 Interactive Robot


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    This is the Z-17 Interactive Robot. It is my idea of a robot created simply to be social. I wanted to make it robotic, yet still maintain the human aspect. I took inspiration from a lot of robots, but my main inspiration was Wall-E. This robot has a similar look with the eye and wheels (similar to treads) , but when you see it you don't go, "Oh god,this person's been staring at pictures of Wall-E for five hours! (I hope) .

    The robot is light on accessories, but does have three. It would include: 

-the robot itself

-a charging station

-two interchangeable heads

    As I said, light on accessories. Anyways, I think this is a cool model, and I hope you agree. If in witch case you do, please support to have this social robot come to life.

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