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Aslan's Tent


Enter Into the vicinity of Aslan's Tent.There you will find Aslan's Tent,another red and white tent,a table,and two stands with weapons and shields.The other tent has nothing inside of it.On the table there is a map.

Enter into Aslan's Tent there you will find a table and a bed.The entrance way is a 6x6 plate on hinges.The bed is a darker red with a pillow.On the table you will find an identical map with the one on the outdoors table.

There are two weapons stands.On the first one there is two spears and two short swords.On the second stand there are two shields a triangular shaped shield and a rounded triangular shape.

Included inside this set is:

  • Peter in his vest with Rhindon(his sword) and a goblet
  • Edmund with his vest
  • a Dwarf with a blond beard,a helmet,and a battle ax
  • and a bearded Faun with a breastplate and a longbow 

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