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CS Rocket-Ship Mobile Launcher V2


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This project is inspired from the Space classic series.
In the last few years there was more new color classic space mini-figure released,
therefore I made sure that this project will include all of them, 8 to be exact.
So you could have all the CS mini-figure color in one shot,
and easy and perfect way to get a complete set.
Fallowing are some of the play features;

The front truck as storage compartment on each side, and it can easily unhook the platform,
also it can be open to the rear to deploy a smaller exploration vehicle (with many tools).
The top can be easily remove to give easy access to the mini-figures,
if you look carefully at the top picture,
you will see that the smaller vehicles fit exactly inside the front of the truck.
The satellite dish on top can turn 360, and incline up and down.
It also can be detach from the trck, to be used stand alone.

The platform, can turn 360 degrees, and lift at a 45 degree angle.
To secure everything during transport, I added 2 sets of arms on the side;
one prevent the platform from turning and lifting,
the other, help to maintain the ship on the platform.
There is a small platform extension that also help to prevent the ship from moving,
and goes down before the launch.

About the rocket-ship, the top rear can open up, inside there is a mini robot.
Tools can be found inside the cabine of the ship.
The front of the rocket-ship that detach, and becomes a probe
that can be use for exploring of remote region, like a cave or under water.
The probe is equip with lights and a front camera,
there is also small robotic arms can be deployed for collecting samples.

If you like my project please vote on it, and share the link everywhere,
to help make this set a reality.
Thank you.

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