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Marvel Superheroes Master Mold Sentinel



Originally appearing in Uncanny X-Men #15, the Master Mold is a Sentinel the size of a factory!  This classic Marvel Comics villain builds the omnipresent mutant-hunting machines, the deadly Sentinels!  Deep inside its own chest, the dangerous robots are constructed.  This set includes a slightly redesigned Sentinel from set 76022, "X-Men vs. The Sentinel," a "wild" Sentinel from the Grant Morrison "New X-Men" series, and a Sentinel "under construction."  Additional features include tank treads to move Master Mold's gargantuan throne, fully articulated hands and arms, and optional construction attachments - a crane arm and platform with flick missile.  Make your mark and vote for Marvel's massive machine that manufactures a multitude of malevolent minions, the mighty Master Mold. 'Nuff said!





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