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Moka Bialetti Italian Iconic Coffee

The Bialetti Moka is a famous system to prepare the Espresso coffee. 
Together with 2 topical coffee cups of "Espresso" and the natural grinded coffee in a bottle, it's presented to the world.
I just added some sugar and chocolate biscuits with sugar stars. This could be a typical relax moment with a good Italian coffee.
Moka was created by an Italian engineer A. Bialetti in 1933 and now is one of the most famous Italian products in the word. The industry in Italy produced more than 100,000,000 pieces of Moka to spread in Europa and in other countries. 
Moka became an iconic product, if we don’t use it for the coffee, we can look at it as a piece of modern industrial art and design.
Everyone needs an original Moka at home for a good Italian coffee and the LEGO reproduction for design or children.

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