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Corner Pizzeria


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This is a Corner Pizzeria with complete furnishing and interior, and a distinctive Italian inspired exterior and decorations.

The first floor is a detailed Pizzeria with an oven and bench style seating. The second floor is an apartment with a full interior and stairway. The third floor is a detailed home with beautiful Italian furniture and an old style bedroom. Last but not least, under the picturesque tiled roof there is also an attic with lots of space.

In terms of minifigures, I'm thinking a chef, and the chef's family, a delivery man, an old lady, a waiter, and a few customers.

My design was inspired by a family trip to Italy which of course included stops at numerous pizza restaurants. I've tried to incorporate details from some of the architecture we saw. Pizza is always popular with the kids and I think they would love to build and play with a Lego set like this. After all, who doesn't love pizza?

This is my first submission to LEGO Ideas. Thank you for viewing the design. I hope you like it. I would really appreciate your support.

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