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Rotary Snowplow

The rotary snowplow is the ultimate snow removal machine. When the big snow hits and the depths are beyond what the flangers can keep up with, the railroads call in the rotaries. This rotary snowplow is not modeled after any single plow, but is a mix of various design features that enabled the creation of a functional plow that would fit into any railroad. The rotor blades do spin. They are powered by a 1:1 geared power takeoff from the front axle. A picture of the gear mechanism is shown.

This rotary snowplow was created after the first major snow of the year. The desire to build one had always been there, but finally manifested itself when the powder grew deep outside.

As a LEGO set, the rotary snowplow would add a unique touch to any layout and provide play value during winter months, letting builders try their hand at moving massive quantities of snow.

Please note, this rotary snowplow does not actually remove snow from tracks. The blades move only as a visual.

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