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Police Station


About This Project

This is a police station I created with more of a downtown tower like design. It has three floors and a helipad with air traffic control tower on the roof. The first floor has the lobby with front desk. Also a waiting area with seats. There is also a coffee maker and a water cooler for refreshments while people wait and for the officers. Outside is some potted plants, a fire hydrant, and a lamp post on ground level. The second floor has some desks for the officers to work at, a processing area for suspects, and the police equipment room with various police tools and accessories. The third floor has the evidence lock up and the holding cells. 

Play Features:

  • Lots of police station themed fun.
  • Hidden tools for escape under the bed in the holding cells.
  • Cell door opens/closes.
  • Main entrance has one door for entering and one door for exiting.
  • Communications array can spin 360 degrees.
  • Door to air traffic control tower opens/closes.


  • Four police minifigures, two bad guys minifigures, and a dog.
  • A twin bladed helicopter that can store tools on each side behind the cockpit.
  • Many minifigure accessories like a crowbar, a katana, a bow and arrow, a harpoon gun, a cell phone, a sack of money, a tommy gun, a handgun, a shotgun, a slingshot, many coffee mugs, handcuffs, a flashlight, a radio, binoculars, a bullet proof vest, a rip saw, a wrench, and a ball and chain.

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