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The Old Man's Fishing Boat


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This fishing boat is inspired by real fishing boat's. It has four big yellow arms. Two are used to support the other two big arms and can be opened or unfolded and closed or folded.This fishing boat can FLOAT on WATER and it is made out of 721 pieces. It is 40 cm long, 29 cm high and the width when arms are open or unfolded are 30 cm and with the arms closed or folded are 11 cm. There are three rooms in the fishing boat. The bridge (by opening the top of the roof and is the place where the captain is controlling the fishing boat) and in the bridge there is a steering wheel, a coffee machine and three seats. The bedroom (can be opened by pulling the bridge off or by opening the doors in front ) and in the bedroom there are three beds, a closet and a coffee machine. A small room in front of the fishing boat (can be opened by pulling the roof off or by opening the doors) to store things like fish or a rope.

I designed and build this fishing boat because I wanted a cool looking boat. I saw a picture of a fishing boat and wanted to try building it out of Lego bricks for my Lego city. This fishing boat is a great gift for anyone who has a Lego city, or wants to use it as a display piece, for children because you can open the boat and play with it, or can be used for anything els and it FLOATS on WATER. 

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