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Snow Grader

Since the beginning of LEGO City, different types of vehicles and construction machineries have appeared in different sizes and forms. We had trucks, diggers, excavators, cranes, cement mixers and even a heavy hauler. A few years ago it was released a snowplow truck (set code 60083) but one vehicle was still missing. Now I have the honour to introduce you a new vehicle that can be part of the City Series: Snow Grader!

For a few years ago I tried to build it with some real bricks, but since this construction requires a few special parts the result was not the expected one. Even with this, I didn't gave up completely and with LDG I could start over and now I believe that this version is functional, playable and realistic. 
There are many companies manufacturing graders, but for this model I dindn't used a specific real brand or model.

When it comes to the structure, this grader have following properties:

  • 283 bricks, including the operator
  • two bigger components: the engine and the cab placed on 2 fixed axles and the flexible element that holds up the blades 
  • visible engine components at the back of the cab
  • middle blade that rotates and goes up and down
  • front blade that can rotate in sides and even up and down

Since the number of bricks is quite small, a real assembley would not require very advanced skills and of course the price for this set would be a decent one. The grader is designed with as many moving elements as possible to make it more playable. One that I like particularly is the blade in the middle, designed with almost all elements that can be found on a real model. 
And if you're wondering about the wallpaper: I didn't took it from google, that is a photo from my personal collection 😁😁

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