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Mushroom House of the Mushroom Folk


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Deep in the forests of hidden lands lies an undiscovered civilization of Mushroom Folk. They live quiet, undisturbed and simple lives. This house inhabits three Mushroom Folk. The house includes: a basement, a kitchen, a bedroom, an attic, and a small mini mushroom shed. All Mushroom Folks' favorite food to grow is carrots. So quite naturally these ones do too. The outside of the house has a garden (with carrots), a stone path, and a nice flower. There is a Mushroom Folk on the roof repairing the chimney too. One of the Mushroom Folk is into looking at the stars so he has a telescope for stargazing. This build took me about five days to construct on Brick Link Studio and has 1,633 pieces. For extra detail I added roots and dirt surrounding the patch of land that the Mushroom Folk have built their little civilization on.

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