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Gaston Lagaffe.

Gaston Lagaffe,
the hilarious adventures of the worst office boy ever.
This comic strip which has marked several generations and which is part of the great classics of comic strips could find its place in the Lego universe.
When I was a kid, I devoured the albums during the holidays at my grandparents‘ who had practically the entire collection.
So many great memories.
Today I want to pay tribute in my own way and present this project based on the funny universe of Gaston.
It all started with this desire to reproduce Gaston's car, once finished, I thought of adding the Gaffophone, then I thought that we had to create a decor from the 70s accompanied by street lamps, a trash can and a parking meter.
Accompanied by his laughing seagull and his lunatic cat, Gaston finally had his set. But wait, no, something is missing… or rather someone.
Of course, how could I forget the Agent Longtarin.
And there you have it, the set is finally complete.
For a total of 580 pieces, including Gaston, Agent Longtarin, the cat, the seagull, a presentation panel, the decor, the car and its accessories, I promise you a good time building.
If you like my idea and want to see it on sale in stores one day, all you have to do is vote, share and cross your fingers.
And don't forget to take a look at my other projects.
Thank you.

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