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Portal 2 (Test Chamber)


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"Close Enough"

Hi! I'm Lorenzo, and this is my Portal 2 Idea.

I was so excited to hear that LEGO was bringing Portal to "LEGO Dimensions" and thought it would be cool to make a set to go with it.

So....... I did!

The "Test Chamber" will include.

  • Chell
  • A door
  • Another door
  • Portals... (Duhhhhhh)
  • The cute but deadly Turret
  • The beloved Companion Cube
  • A button
  • Another button!
  • A removable Camera ;)
  • and a secret Rat Den

 I hope either this set or another Portal idea will be chosen. So to make that happen, Please support this idea and leave a comment on what you think!



        There will be Cake at the end ;) 

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