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Lego Batman: Mr. Freeze's Observatory Attack

This is set is for anyone who wants a 2012 Mr. Freeze set. I made this set because I think they should have a new set for Mr. Freeze. Now the set is based on the movie Batman and Robin, because in it Mr. Freeze attacks the observatory. Now thing about the set are:
1. The thing on the bottom left is his new freeze gun which I based off of his gun in Lego Batman 2
2. The set itself is the sattilite in the observatory
3. This set would come with the standard black-suited Batman and the normal/old Mr. Freeze figure
Thats all the facts about it for now. And if you are wondering why I have no pics of the figures it is because I don't have them. That is the summary of my set sot if you like it even a little please still support it. Thanks!

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