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The NOVA are a cross between a toa and a hero it all started when a toa prototype found a deposit
of quaza and when combined with a toa's life spark it creates a power source stronger than any
known to the universe. the toa created an apprentice and also [being a master] forger created a third mask of shadows for him. he came across a mortally wounded skrall hoping to redeem himself for the evil he had done. building him new legs [for those lost in battle] and giving him a elimently powered shield the three created the NOVA. but the apprentice who was named lava
[and also has the mask of shadows] was rebellious and wanted to take over the universe. but by this time the NOVA was not a team but a race. and the apprentice had a plan he would draw the
the NOVA to there home base on bota magna because he knew the shattering would happen.
but he could not stop mata nui from achieving his destiny and the three planets were one again
but the toa prototype [metro] knew the planet would be one again so he created yet another apprentice named saber to defeat now lava lord who had an army metro was able to escape
with a handful of other NOVA and his new apprentice and the old one. and later defeat lava lord. and start the race again with spike to begin it. hope you like this and if you do please support.

thank you [please note that I'm not the only one who made the NOVA]

lava lord is the apprentice of metro who turned evil.

lava lord has two thornax launchers a laser axe a jet pack [like fire lords] a lava shooter
an advanced crusher claw the mask of shadows and explosive spikes.

the assassin is skralls evil clone that lava lord made from skralls DNA he is lava lords best hunter and his personal body guard [not that he needs one].

the assassin has a blade fixed to his arm and a laser gun along with a pulse shooter.

Metro is the leader of the NOVA and is one of the wisest beings in the universe a master of all weapons metro is a formidable combatant.

metro has a mask of fate a laser rifle a cable launcher a sholder mounted mini gun two wire guided missiles a blade and charges.

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