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Mech Defender Unit


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I present to you my Mech Defender Unit. This Light-Frame Mech is designed to be as close to human physique as possible. I wanted to give the mech as much articulation as possible, while keeping it very sturdy. This mech is my original design, built entirely in the LDD. I have seen a variety of mechs in shows and movies, and I have always loved how many varieties can be made.

This mech is known as a Defender Unit because it is designed for defending the Earth and its space colonies. It is outfitted with a jet-pack capable of short range space flight, and in combat it can use its double swords to make quick work of enemies. This particular model is a light-frame warrior, it is the smallest of the defense units, it has the lightest armor and can move very quickly in battle.

My mech has lots of articulation points which give great posing options. 


  • 661 pieces
  • Pilot with suit and helmet
  • Ball joint ankles, wrists, and neck
  • Ratcheted knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows
  • Waist rotation,
  • Double blades
  • Blades store on backpack
  • Backpack has rocket jets
  • Opening cockpit, with screens, and controls

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