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CS Colonizing Team


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Hello again. Rustybricks24 here, and this is my newest creation: The CS Colonizing Team.

All of my minifigs have the CS symbol on their uniform, although not all are actual classic space minifigures. The Vic Viper's name is the LL-227 Bluebird. It uses a plasma engine for great speed and maneuverability. The ship is armed with four laser canons and four rockets under the wing.

The TN-711 Boulder is a heavily armored cargo truck. It has room for one pilot in the front and a medium cargo hold in the back. A long range antennae and a warning light are fitted on the back of this mighty machine.

The Speartip ( yellow pilot ) is a scientific hover vehicle used for mapping and below surface scanning. On the other hand, the Tanker ( red pilot ) is a maintenance truck, obviously used for refueling. The Colo unit is a very expressive robot. It manages and supervises the rest of the crew. All in all, this team is ready to colonize.

As always, it was a pleasure to build this team an I hope you like it too : )

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