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Police Submarine & Robber's Raft Chase

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This is the Police Submarine Chase.
It comes with two minifigures, a white submarine, and a brown raft.

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This is the submarine and the raft.
There is a brown wooden raft with the crook on it, and a chair that seats one mini-figure.
There is a white submarine with the policeman inside, and it fits only one mini-figure.

This is the view of the police submarine.
From the left is the seating area with the control panel , in the middle is the storage area where he can store supplies.
( the helmet, handcuffs, and air tank )
It also has the propeller and ventilation shafts in the back.
On the right is the blue translucent windshield with the white roof and siren lights.
In the front are the supplies.

This is the view of the robber's raft.
It has a black flagpole with a black flag, a telescope which clasps on to a clip near the flag, and a white box that holds the money.
The robber holds a brown paddle, and sits in a brown seat.
In front of the raft is the paddle, the money, and the telescope.

These are the mini-figures. There is a water patrol policeman & a crook from the docks.
They both do not have double-sided faces. The policeman has an air tank, a helmet
with a visor, and one pair of handcuffs.
He has a black uniform with printing on the front and none on the back, and also
has black pants.
The robber has a blue cap, a hundred dollar bill and a telescope in which he can hold,and a blue vest,with a red and white striped undershirt with printing on the front and back, and navy pants.

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