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Alaskan Crab Boat


Get ready to work long hours and sort some crabs with this fully functional model of an Alaskan crab fishing boat. This model is inspired by the popular reality television series showcasing the crab fisherman of Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Model is extremely detailed for hours of entertainment. This model features; fully articulated crane, rotating sorting table, detailed crab pots, functional pot launcher, removable roof/ decks, opening hatchway doors, adjustable pot hoist, and operating anchor hoist. Model is also packed with small details such as a captains station in the wheel house, to a galley, bunk area and dining bench. Also look for the detailed railings, spotlights, mast array, antenna array, navigation lights, dock bumpers, and life-raft barrels. Ship comes with a crew of 5; including the captain, the deck boss, two deckhands, and that always troublesome green horn. Playing with this model anybody can go through the entire process seen on TV from stacking the pots, to setting them in just the right spot, to pulling them in with that infamous hook, and sorting your catch. Not to mention the fact that this would look great sitting on a shelf in any Lego collection. So cast your votes so you can cast away on adventures with this awesome model concept. 

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