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Luxo Lamp Jr. With Pixar Ball


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The iconic Pixar mascot deserves to be a LEGO set. Luxo Jr. was introduced in the first Pixar short film in 1986, and has become the icon for the company, appearing in every opening of Pixar movies. And when it comes to the Pixar ball, it has become an Easter egg, appearing in all the Pixar movies. The lamp is such a famous and lovable character that it deserves the LEGO treatment.

So I decided to give it a try with my own creation. The head of the lamp has a ball joint and socket, so it can be moved and displayed in different positions. It even comes with a trans-light blue bulb, attached with a technic axle, so it can be easily removed if desired. The lamp is created with 134 elements, mostly technic elements, and the ball has 103 elements.
This would be an amazing set for AFOL to display, and children as well to play.

This is my first LEGO Ideas submission, I'm currently buying all the necessary pieces to build it. I hope you all like it.

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