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Crossover vehicles has become the largest group of vehicle sold worldwide. Proving that the crowd has accepted its practicality in the real world. At BRICK AUTOS, one of our goals are to develop decent vehicles for all LEGO CITY around they globe. For this project, we aim to build a vehicle to meet these goals.

  • Compact exterior
  • Spacious interior
  • Capable to carry 4 minifigures
  • Look decent and attractive
  • Use only necessary parts but must have great stability

From above goals, we have develop the brand new platform like the real car which we have already planned to develop a couple of more models in the future.

Standard equipments
  • Front bumper bull bar
  • Front and rear lower bumper bars
  • High intensity quad spotlights
  • Adjustable side view mirror with integrated turn signal
  • Double 6 spoke rims
  • Front passenger storage compartment

SCUEV Crossover equipments

  • Wide-opening doors with black bottom edges
  • 4 seaters
  • Comfort tires
  • Invert-wing bodykit
  • In-cabin rear storage capacity 2x2x3 brick

We hope you like our design and please feel free to support and leave a comment!

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