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My Cowabunga! – TMNT Modular Sewerage


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                                                                                                                                                                                                         COWABUNGA – TMNT Modular Sewerage
This LEGO build is a modular sewerage compound of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
It is a four-story building (including the sewerage); each floor has a unique modular structure and a theme.
Model special features: 
Openable sewerage door.
A shooting pizza oven.
A dynamic wooden dummy doll (for ninja practicing).
First-floor: “Hmmm Pizza Time!” this floor contains the famous city pizzeria by LEGO with lots of tiny details.
Second-floor: this floor is April O'Neil’s apartment, and it contains an amazing living room, beautiful bedroom and a T.V.
Third-floor: This floor remains unbuilt, in case this model bypasses the 2,000 supporters mark, I will give you the opportunity to decide what this floor contains.
In the comments, the most common / demandable idea will be the one chosen. 

As a kid I’ve always dreamed to build a LEGO model of TMNT that would give me a vast amount of leeway.
That what led me in developing this model, it is dynamic, built with LEGO and most important, FUN FUN FUN to play with!
I believe it fits to be a LEGO model for the following reasons:
It is amazingly playable with lots of special features.
TMNT is a strong / worldwide brand to this day.
Both grownups and kids are still collecting TMNT items and I’m positive it will bring back most of the TMNT fans back to LEGO.