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The Dragon Temple

"A long time ago, in a mysterious place in the East, the local people hold that mountains and waters are under the protection of divine dragon, so the Dragon Temple is set up in honor of the god. It was said that there was a sacred artifact hidden in the Dragon Temple. The artifact could unravel everything in the world. It was always guarded by a master, so that it would not fall into the wrong hands and bring disaster to the whole world."

This is a Chinese-style temple building built on a stone hill. The temple has a secret tunnel leading to the stone cave. There is a dragon relief and two stone lions in the cave, and there is a platform to put the sacred artifact-brick seperator. The whole piece can be spread out in the middle to reveal the interior of the cave. This product include 2997 pcs. The set contains a minifigure-Master.

Thank you so much for your support. Please, please share with your friends and family to make this a real LEGO set. Feel free to share ideas and constructive criticism in the comments above. And hope you like my other projects!

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