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Merlin: Shadows of Avalon


“Only the Sidhe possess such magic. In the midst of the Lake Of Avalon there is an ancient isle. That is the source of their power.”

BBC’s wonderful show Merlin has run for five thrilling seasons and now the adventure continues in LEGO form! The series Merlin is a reimagining of the classic King Arthur tales, with the sorcerer Merlin as a young man living in Camelot where magic is banned. He must conceal his powerful abilities while protecting the kingdom. Filled with magic, action, and monsters, Merlin would be a perfect addition to LEGO.

This set is loosely based on the episodes, “The Gates of Avalon,” “The Lady of the Lake,” and “The Coming of Arthur.” Prince Arthur has been captured by the scheming Sophia and Aulfric. Merlin and his one true love, Freya, have journeyed to the mystical Lake of Avalon to rescue him. Little do Merlin and Freya expect the Sidhe attack that awaits them. Armed with a Sidhe staff and the sword Excalibur, will Merlin and Freya be able to save the king to be?

The main build of this set is based upon the enchanted lake of Avalon. I experimented with “studs not only on top” to help achieve the look of the serene water, and the sandy shore. Also included is the boat Merlin uses to cross Avalon. Another section of the set is a portion of the caves as seen in “The Coming of Arthur” where Merlin breaks the Vial of Avalon and sees his love, Freya. I have designed this set to be able to emulate this scene in the series. Just push the lever on the back of the cave and a printed tile of Freya slides out to guide Merlin in his quest.

Accessories include two Sidhe staffs, the vial of Avalon, and the sword Excalibur.

Five minifigures are included: the King to be, Arthur Pendragon; the powerful warlock, Merlin; the beautiful druid girl, Freya; the scheming former Sidhe, Sophia; and the angry former Sidhe, Aulfric.

Also included in this set are two of the Sidhes, the small, powerful, and immortal creatures that inhabit the Lake of Avalon. I used microfigures for these little blue guys.

This set would allow Merlin fans to play out some of the greatest episodes of the series, as well as create their own stories in a time of magic. I believe it would also appeal to non-fans, as it contains five fantasy oriented minifigs, very playable scenery, and accessories. If you want LEGO Merlin to become a reality, please support and leave a comment if you have the time. Thank you so much for reading!

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