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Haunted House


This is my third and final version of the haunted house! The haunted house features three floors, each with a vast amount of details. I updated the model and added surrounding terrain in addition to put some vines on the house itself.

Here is a link to my Youtube showcase of the model:


First Floor: The first floor includes a kitchen, complete with stove and oven, shelves with bottles of mysterious things, counters, a cupboard under one of the counters, and drawers. There is a living room with a couch, table, chair, and access to a closet under the staircase that leads to the second floor. There is also a dining room with a table and two chairs. On the table is a glass and an apple.


Second Floor: the second floor has a small balcony at the top of the staircase and a hallway with the door to a bedroom. Down the hallway on the left is a small sitting area with a bench and table with a crystal on it. On the right is the staircase to the third floor. Part of the staircase can be removed for access to the bedroom, which contains a bed and a table with a removable top to provide access to a purple crystal inside. On top of the table is a skeleton head with a candle made from a lipstick piece on top of it.


Third Floor: the third floor contains another bedroom and a storage room. In the bedroom is a bed and a desk with a gold bar, a red potion bottle, and a light blue trophy figure. In the storage room, there is a removable box blocking access to part of the room and a chest containing a gold and silver bar. Next to the chest there is a clear crystal.


The entire haunted house except for the kitchen has different colored and patterned wood floors, and most walls have dark brown trim at their bases. Scattered throughout the haunted house are all the parts to a skeleton:


Legs: The legs are on the second floor ,acting as a two of the legs for the table in the bedroom.

Arms: The arms are in the living room under a removable section of floor.

Torso: The torso is on the third floor in the half of the storage room blocked by a removable box.

Head: The head is in the second-floor bedroom and is on the table with a candle on top of it.

I wanted to upload this model one more time with the extensive additions some of which were suggested to me in the comments of my previous version of this.

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