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Great Minds in Science

Welcome to my celebration of the great minds that have existed and contributed to science. In my build, I have 4 dioramas capturing the essence of each figure, including a range of details that help showcase their story.

Leonardo DaVinci:
  • A polymath that was accomplished in various field, including his scientific observations where he pioneered studies in anatomy, optics and hydraulics.
  • Designed and invented numerous machines/devices that were ahead of his time.
  • Renowned painter, masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa.

Florence Nightingale:
  • Established modern nursing practices and standards, founding the first secular nursing school at St Thomas' Hospital in London.
  • Wrote extensively on healthcare, nursing and social reform.
  • Utilised statistical methods to help improve healthcare and sanitation.

Albert Einstein
  • Best known for his E=mc² equation.
  • This showed that energy and mass are interchangeable.
  • He was also a violinist (see the case at the back).
  • Compass on desk as this sparked his interest in physics.
Rosalind Franklin 
  • A British chemist whose work contributed to our understanding of the molecular structure of DNA.
  • She is best known for her research on X-ray diffraction of DNA fibres, RNA, viruses, and graphite.
George Robert Carruthers
  • An American physicist and engineer.
  • Childhood interest in science (Adler Planetarium reference on board).
  • Invented the Spectrograph, which was a UV camera used to see further in space.

Alan Turing:
  • A British mathematician and computer scientist known for his work in computer science and artificial intelligence.
  • Played a pivotal role during WWII in breaking the Enigma code.
  • Featured on the British £50 note (depicted in his hand).

Alongside being a great display piece, there is a secondary aim for my submission. I hope that as people build this, regardless of age, curiosity is ignited and builders will have the opportunity to learn about these great figures. I hope you like my submission and consider supporting! Thank you!

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