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Jurassic Park T-Rex Chase


Step on the gas: escape the T-Rex in the Jurassic park responder!

First, save Ian from the T-Rex by throwing him on the Jurassic park responder and zoom off!

This fun play set includes the versatile Jurassic park responder Jeep in its gray and red livery, the black clothed Mathematician Ian Malcom (survivor) who uses two bright pink flares to chuck at the roaring T-Rex,  blond-haired paleontologist assistant Ellie Sadler raincoat variant with a mega flashlight, Robert Muldoom, a top hunter who is equipped with a tranquilizer gun and raincoat. He is skillfully driving the Jeep in the escape sequence. All Minifigures have secondary faces. The fierce looking, brown and nugent T-Rex included is the 2015 print alternatively available in the T-Rex trapper.

BONUS ALERT-this set also includes paleontologist  Dr. Allan Grant with a fossolized Veloceraptor claw.

Then, act out your T-Rex chase back to the visitor centre and safety! Hours of fun guaranteed!


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