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Steampumk Bird

This idea is called LEGO GEAR BIRD.

A bird-shaped airplane made by a genius engineer using magic stone
- The engineer found a mysterious stone in the mountain. He knew there was an enormous power in the stone, so that he made a bird shaped airplane using it.
- The engineer travels around the world by this plane.
- There are a compass and steering wheel in the cockpit.
- He made a small room inside the airplane. There is a diary, a pen, and a bed in the small room. He often writes a travel diary in his diary.

407 pieces & 55.1 x 35.6 x 18.9 size in studs
- Top hat on the head is one of the characteristic of this idea.
- Different sizes of gears have been used to this idea.
- I used arch bricks for the bird's body.
- I also made small hands on the wings.

Steampunk Style Bird
- The overall concept color is brown and yellow brick for western style.
- I attached western style cowcatcher on the bird's chest.
- I represented pipeline using clip and bar bricks.
- The power gear is expressed in yellow, and the rest in gray.

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