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Gilligan's Island


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My LEGO build is of Gilligan’s Island, based on the show that ran from September 26, 1964, until April 17, 1967. The show was about Gilligan, the Skipper, the Professor, Maryann, Ginger, Thurston Howell III, and his wife, Mrs. Lovey Howell, and their adventures trying to get off the island. During that run, there were three seasons, and I chose my favorite episode from each season as part of my build, as well as a section of the island where their boat crashed. 

I chose to build this set because I love Gilligan’s Island. Even though I am a teen, I still think this show is hilarious, and I think it makes a great LEGO set. The island setting is fun, and the minifigures can be arranged in lots of different ways to create different adventures and mishaps for the characters. My LEGO set is about 500 pieces, and it includes the main island (featuring the shipwreck) as well as three artifacts, one from each season of the show: a rocket, a space camera, and a box of vegetable seeds. 

Season 1, episode 18 was an episode called “X Marks the Spot” (January 30, 1965). That episode starts when scientists are testing a new device by sending it to an uncharted island. That island, of course, is Gilligan’s Island. The Professor tells the castaways that the only way to disarm it is to have Gilligan climb inside and cut a wire and much to Gilligan’s dismay, he knows he has to do it! 

Season 2, episode 4, “Smile, You’re on Mars Camera” (October 7, 1965) is about when a group of scientists attempts to send a Mars rover to Mars. This doesn't go to plan, and the rover is sent to Gilligan’s Island by accident. The Professor realizes that if they can find the camera's lens, which popped off on impact, they can finally make contact with the outside world. But like everything in the show, it fails: the castaways end up coated in feathers and holding their signs upside down when the camera turns on.

Finally, Season 3, episode 3 (September 26, 1966) is called “Pass the Vegetables, Please,” and it is one of the most recognizable episodes of the whole series. In this episode, a box of radioactive vegetable seeds washes up on the shore of the island. Unfortunately for the castaways, Gilligan doesn't notice the radioactive warning. When the seeds are planted, strange vegetables of many shapes and sizes grow. When eaten, these foods prove to have some pretty funny side effects.

My set captures the mood and key elements of the island. It can be rearranged and played with, or displayed as a decorative piece. Nostalgic fans who loved the show will also love this set, and I think even folks who have never seen it will find lots to enjoy about it. 

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