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Seinfeld - Apartment


Seinfeld is one of the best sitcoms ever made.

This set represents Jerry's apartment.

This set doesn't have new molded pieces,just new printings.

This set has 4 minifigures:

-Jerry Seinfeld

-Elaine Benes 

-George Costanza

-Cosmo Kramer

This set has 950 pieces including minifigures.

This set has:

-Living room (with tv,some chairs,windows,central heating,desk,shelves,phone,drinks,lamps)

-Kitchen (with some food,bar,glasses,sink,fridge where Kramer always like to step by,and take some meat)


-Bathroom (with sink,mirror,drawers,bath and toilet.)

-Jerry's bedroom (with bed,drawers,central heating,windows,lamp)

This set is 100% based on Jerry's apartment from TV show

I hope You will support this set,and we will have it in our collection

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