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Reptile Store


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Reptile Store

The Reptile Store is a passion project of ours, at our home we care for and breed dozens of reptiles. I really wanted to see them represented as the amazing animals they are here in the Lego world. My son had the idea for a small reptile enclosure and my husband started searching for and ordering Lego pieces to make them. Then I gathered up the pieces for the store and designed and built the full set, it was a family effort. We have a lifetime love of reptiles & amphibians and hope we get to share our passion with everyone in the Lego community.

The set is a 4 sided building with tan & black bricks. It has 2 floors, the store and the roof laboratory/garden. At the front there is a giant cobra design. There are floor-to-ceiling glass walls to show off the reptiles in their enclosures. The back door has a compost bin for uneaten greens and there is a mailbox at the front because anyone in the reptile community knows animals are often overnight shipped so this was a must have for the set. The roof comes off in 2 parts to allow easy access to the store below.

The store is for purchasing new reptile pets and supplies for those you already have. In the store there are snake, turtle, chameleon, desert lizard and frog enclosures. There is a net and a snake hook, a clock, food and vitamin jars, glass cleaner with paper towels, a reptile mosaic floor, a staircase leading to the roof and a cash register. The set opens from the middle as well as the top for easier access.

The living roof has a garden for growing fruits and vegetables for the the omnivorous reptiles/amphibians as well as for growing living plants for the enclosures. There is a gardening table, a water bucket, a basket for freshly picked items, a bin with shovel and a broom, a window box of flowers and a hatch for opening the roof door.

The laboratory/care center is full of more essentials based off our actual care of reptiles. There is a computer for research along with a little frog in a small dome enclosure, a map of reptile origins, a magnifying glass, a microscope for studying samples, an incubator which is currently hatching frog eggs and a bath tub. There is also a scorpion inside of an enclosure with a vase of flowers beside it. The laboratory roof also has a solar panel to help with the very expensive light bill for all the enclosures.

The set contains 5 Minifigures:
Myself (Red hair)
My Husband (Green Hat)
My Son (Boy w/skateboard)
Shopping Girl
Shopping Boy

4 snakes, 6 frogs, 1 desert lizard, 1 chameleon, 1 scorpion, 1 turtle and 1 ladybug.

If it does receive enough votes to be reviewed my hope is to work with the Lego Design team to come up with new reptile animals in Lego form. A Bearded Dragon (lizard) and a Red Ear Slider (turtle) would be amazing to add to their ever growing pet population. A Bearded Dragon however would be the animal I would love to see created most. They are the lizards we breed and they are loving and sweet pets. So please support my new set and thank you so much for your support. Remember not all great pets have to be flurry!

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