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The LEGO Moonwalker is a rugged surface exploration vehicle designed for use on the Moon, Mars and other rock or ice covered planets and moons.  It features a unique walking propulsion mechanism with eight powerful legs to provide stability in challenging terrain.  The power is self-contained and the vehicle is remote controlled.  It is steerable, reversible and able to turn around in its own length.

Moonwalker also features two forms of (simulated) radar scanners:  A forward facing scanner for close range obstacle detection; and a vertical axis long range radar and communications array.  Astronaut mini figures are included with the Commander being seated in a high forward control cabin for maximum visibility.

Moonwalker is powered by two independent Power Functions M-Motors and controlled with either the Power Functions IR Remote Control or the Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control for ultimate finesse.  There is a quick release mechanism for changing the battery module.  Adjustments can be made to the leg timing offset on each side in order to change the leg movement synchronisation.  Get it wrong and it lurches.  Get it right and it strides!

This is a very popular hands-on model for young and old at LEGO exhibitions and other fan gatherings.  The question is always “How can I get one?”

The answer is to support it on LEGO Ideas and see it become a reality!

This is a fully functional LEGO Technics model incorporating Power Functions components.  It would make a great LEGO set because it is easy and instructive to build then fun to play with.

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