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Martian City

It is the year 2186 and the human race continues to expand the borders of its empire. Soon after the first space colony was established on the moon, settlements began to be constructed on the red planet. Thanks to the latest plasma rocket-propulsion technology, shipments to Mars arrive weekly, allowing the new cities to grow at a rapid rate. Where will this new age take us?

The model features:
  • 8 force-field domes for: generating electricity (a nuclear reactor and solar farm), vegetation, air-scrubbing, extracting and purifying water, agriculture, storage and the central habitation dome.
  • The main entrance gate where shipments and people enter and exit the complex.
  • An array of satellite dishes sending transmissions to Earth.
  • A landing pad where rocket shuttles deliver passengers and cargo to the surface from long-distance freighters.
I think this would be an imaginative set that is displayable, and also fun to play with because the contents and arrangement of the domes can be customised.


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