Product Idea

Cantina Mexicana

  • Why this truck?

This model is a wink to an existing food truck: "El Camiòn" (Lille - France). Where the cook wears wrestler's mask and a mexican musician sometimes comes to distract you

  • What's special on this set?

The design is a little bit funny!

Size is the actual one used for truck. As a consequence, this model could be added to your modern city.

The roof and the back door are openable.

This truck is full . All the volume is used. The housekeeping is maximal. To do that, I used "expert" building methods. Specially for the red door!

All these additions do not weaken the set. It is stable and very playable thanks to these openings.

So if you like this model, support It!

Here is the LLD file of this truck. Even if it does not become an official model, you can be inspired by it.

Good build!