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Mini Excavator


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For small construction sites is always good to have a small vehicle too. The mini excavator can help the workers ( the mini figures ) to carry and move construction materials around a tight area, such as a public road. By being small, this vehicle is kept very compact. But that doesn't mean it does not offer a good amount of pieces ( including accessories ).

The mini excavator has a medium size digging bucket at the front that can be lifted up at the same height as the cabin. The bucket also has a 360 degree spinning angle, allowing it to drop the materials that are in bucket, into a tipper truck. A constructor that needs to use this vehicle can also fit inside. In order to get into the cabin, the cage of it has to be lifted up. The mini excavator comes with other features like: a big fuel tank at the back of the vehicle, with a pipe coming out of it, and two side-way mirrors.

At last, as we get inside the cabin, we can see a steering wheel with two levers behind.

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