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WWE Heavyweight Champion Title Belt

When I was growing up I would always watch wrestling on a Sunday morning with my dad, back then it was the WWF and later was changed to WWE. I know many people love the sport and have followed it for many years. I thought this deserved a project on Ideas.

A very good friend of mine said that he only needed a LEGO WWE belt to make his life complete, so with that I set off to design this, and I think the end results speak for themselves. It has been designed to be able to hold in the air like a winner and can even be worn around your waist. It will even look amazing on display or on the wall. Everyone can become the champion they want to be.

Many great and famous wrestlers have held the title of World Heavyweight Champion including John Cena, who has to be one of my favourites, which I decided to include as a bonus minifigure, with a 2x1 printed tile of the belt in this project.

"Weighing in at 1443 parts, 32 studs wide and 132 studs long"

Please help get this to reach 10,000 supporters to be in for a chance for everyone to be able to build such an iconic piece of entertainment history.

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