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Model of Hogwarts Castle


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When I was younger, like many others, I was big fan of Harry Potter. Much has changed since then except one - the castle created by filmmakers in Harry Potter movies was and still is just amazing. So about 2 years ago, I've created model of Hogwarts castle in Lego Digital Designer (this old version can be found in LDD Gallery). Today I've decided to improve this model, render it and share it in here. In my opinion, Hogwarts castle deserves to have a place among the LEGO models. Any feedback - support or comment - is welcome. Thank you :)

More info about model:
The real size (x, y, z) of the model is 56.0 x 56.8 x 29.7 cm. It consists of about 2200 bricks. It took me about 10 hours to design old version, another 5 to improve it to this one. Due to different look of the castle in movies, this model is based on the castle from movies 5 and 6.

Editor: Lego Digital Designer (converted to LDraw)
Export: LDView
Render: POV-Ray 3.6

Source code from LDD: (click on

Here is the model from different angles:

Check it in HD here

Check it in HD here

Check it in HD here

Check it in HD here

I've also created little additional models:
The Quidditch Stadium
The Hogwarts Express

And please, there is one model of Hogwarts on this page already. I DIDN'T STEAL the idea. This is my original idea. As I wrote higher, I created this castle 1-2 years ago (old version without the base), it can be found in Lego Digital Designer Gallery. Thank you for understanding :)

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