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The Ceratosaurus Nasicornis


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The Ceratosaurus Nasicornis is a dinosaur seventeen minifigure feet long, and two minifigures tall. Its body is made out of just 55 pieces. I built it because I thought a Ceratosaurus would be a very cool dinosaur to have, since it is not as well known as other dinosaurs like T-rex and triceratops. I think my dino would make a great and unique addition to anyone's dinosaur collection!

Ceratosaurus does not stand solely on its feet, but can be balanced by its tail. It has ball-joint limbs making it very poseable and suited to rough terrain. Ceratosaurus also has hinge-jaws that stay in place, excellent for gripping fish and small land mammals. Ceratosaurus also has a great, colorful hide and even features the famous horn on the end of its snout.

The seven piece landscape that comes with it is very bumpy and can be used as a display stand or used in play. The set also comes with a thirteen-piece separate skull from a fossilized Ceratosaurus, which fits on a stand for display or can be used in play. Both the skull mount and landscape can connect together, if someone wished to make a display. Together, the whole set is 73 pieces and is incredibly lightweight, at an estimated eighth of a pound.

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