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Porsche 959 Dakar


In the beginning...

When i was young the Paris-Dakar ralley was the event of the year for me. I was a hugh fan of Porsche too, so when Porsches joined the event with the new 959 i was realy excited, especially when they won the race in 1986. In that time i also had another hobby, Lego technic. I build cars with a lot of technic in them, but it was't possible to make them look right.

 ... 40 years later

After 40 years of Lego technic it has developed so much that it seemed to be possible to build a Porsche 959 myself. The are so much more parts and in so many colours, that i had to try. the idea was that it must have all the functions that the real Porsche 959 has, I think it worked out quite well.


  • scale 1:8
  • length: 54 cm, width: 23 cm, height: 19 cm
  • fake 6 cilinder boxer engine
  • 6 speed gearbox, includes reverse
  • 4 wheel drive
  • steering
  • remote controlled adjustable height
  • lights, front and rear, remote controlled.
  • fake throttle with flexible cable to the engine
  • working rear brakes
  • working clutch





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