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Brickheadz Wednesday


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To let you all know, this is my first attempt on creating a brand new Brickheadz.

To start this off. I love the serie Wednesday. And I love Brickheadz. That's why I made a Wednesday Brickheadz.

First version:

Updated version:

I knew that this wasn't build yet so I wanted to try it out for the first time.
The challenging part was to create the hair. Even though it might be simple for some, I really wanted to created the braids. Therefore I made the choice to use a Hinge Cylinder 1x3 Locking with 1 Finger and 2 Fingers on the ends. This way I was able to make sure that the braids are flexible to move and position in different angles.

What I thought was also tricky to achieve, were the 2 Tile, Round 1x1 Corner pieces on top of the head. I had to use a Modified Brick with Studs 1x2x1/3 with the same color as the skin to make sure that the effect of the corner pieces were looking good.

I hope you like this idea.

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