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The A-Team: Van and Crew


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The inspiration
I recently got the inspiration to design a certain A.I. Car with its accompanied Semi-Truck from a popular TV series from back in the 80s and while in the process of the design, I though, what other popular vehicles from 80s shows would translate well into a LEGO format, and the first thought that came to mind was the black and grey van with its distinctive red decal used as main transport by the A-Team.
Due to another recent A-team submission, I initially decided to delay submitting this project for a couple of months. My son reminded me, that it is too good not to share and that the people will decide with their votes if they like it. Here it is, My version of the legendary A-team Van, accompanied by BA Baracus, Hannibal, Face and Howling Mad Murdock 
The Idea
To create a theme based on iconic big and small screen vehicles in the new 8-stud wide scale, which would include theme-related minifigures.
The design
The A-Team van were designed in scale to fit in with the new 8 stud wide vehicles that were introduced by LEGO in early 2020, which allow your minifigures to sit side by side while still maintaining a build that is within scale with minifigures.
A-Team Van
Studs: W 10.0 x L 22.1 x H 11.9
Inch: W 3.1 x L 7.0 x H 3.8
cm: W 8.0 x L 17.7 x H 9.5
Total Parts: 470
If you are a fan of iconic movie vehicles, and you would love LEGO to release them on the 8 stud wide scale which would accommodate minifigures, please support this project and check out my other project as well by clicking on this link
Thank you in advance. 

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