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Scooby Doo: Mystery Manor


Well gang, it looks like there's a mystery on our hands!

Explore the haunted manor, solve the mystery, avoid the traps and find the treasure!

This model contains 2999 pieces and a video going over the features. Any feedback, ideas or questions you have are greatly appreciated down in the comments section!

Thank you for taking the time to visit!

Characters and Accessories
The gang
-Shaggy w/ roller skates and alternate outfit
-Scooby (both molds) w/ Scooby Snacks
-Velma w/ magnifying glass and invitation
-Fred w/ flashlight

-The Phantom Shadows
-Charlie the Robot
-The Creeper
-The Miner 49er
-The Ghost of Captain Cutler
-The Space Kook

The Build
-2 suits of the Black Knight armor w/eye print
-King of Atlantis Statue

If you haven't already, I would highly recommend watching the video to see the features in action, but if you are unable or want some more context feel free to read the description of the features here.

-The doors can mysteriously open and close on their own
-Both suits of the Black Knight armor can spring to life (They also make for a great spot to hide!)
-Sliding bookshelf that will trap anyone who gets too close behind it
-Lure the ghosts and ghouls into the net trap
-Avoid the trapdoor in the study that drops down into Charlie's lab
-Use the door swapping mechanism to escape the villains
-Inside the combination lock makes a great storage place for your extra minifigure parts
-Bell ringing function

The Mystery
-Receive an invitation to the manor alongside a rubber duck
-Take the rubber duck to the bathroom
-The bathtub floor drops you into a minecart where you promptly crash into a wall discovering a painting
-Hang the painting in its rightful place on the 2nd floor and notice that it points out the window towards the drainpipe
-Ride the drainpipe down to the grotto underneath the manor
-Blow up the wall and discover a strange gear
-Place the gear in its place and turn it to reveal a skeleton clutching a crystal
-Insert the crystal into the crystal ball and receive an old record
-Play the record in the record player and receive a gear
-Insert the gear into the clockwork mechanism to open up the wall revealing a strange set of arrows
-Turn the lighthouse to match the sequence of arrows and discover a sheet of music
-Play the music on the organ and find the treasure behind the painting

(The lighthouse is actually a 3 stage combination lock and the painting can only be moved if you use the right set of keys, these 2 mechanisms can only be opened with the correct set of inputs)

Thanks for stopping by!

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