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Mountain Hideout

This creation is a Mountain hideout perfect for plotting.  This evil lair is located on top of a mountain, perfect for seeing people coming.  This hideout has a hidden trap door in the floor, perfect for making a quick exit to a hidden cave beneath the building, in this cave are supplies, super computers and various weapons.  This hideout has a formal office, a lounge and entertaining area.  It features kitchen and bedrooms as well as having a towering lookout loaded with weapons and telescopes.

I built this computer design because as a child I was always building hideouts with all various types of hidden features and recreating this was an opportunity to redesign my childhood creations into the ultimate version.

I believe this creation would be a great LEGO set as it has a strong and commanding physical presence. It has loads of features that make the playability of this set really enjoyable. A set that would appeal to older fans of LEGO.

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