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Little Red Speeder


This Little Red Speeder, is meant for racing around the track, or on the highway! I built this Lego Technic car because I wanted to make something that was light, and agile around the corners, and that's just what I have here! This would be a great Lego Technic set because it is fast, fun to drive, and it has many things to offer as a Technic set.  


It comes with the 58x28 mm racing tires to ensure great traction around the corners. 

It has one Power Functions XL motor geared up to the ratio of 1:1.67 to 3:1 to ensure great power! 

One Power Functions Servo Motor to make sure it gets around the corners safety.

One Power Functions IR receiver and remote to help drive the car.

You can lift the hood to have access to the battery box too. 

You can even put your luggage in the trunk!

A spoiler and a roof rack adds the last touches to the car.

Thanks for reading, and please comment, follow or even support so it can become a Lego Technic set! 




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